The Government have released guidance regarding the safe return to training flights and dual flights, facilitating the reopening of many GA businesses

Key points from the guidance – which can be read in full here and so far only apply to England – include:

Risk assessments and social distancing

– Two-metre social distancing should be followed and if not possible a coronavirus risk assessment should be made and measures taken to reduce risk of transmission including regular hand sanitising, minimising time spent next to others, avoid touching your face and others that have been commonplace in official guidelines

– Failure to put in sufficient measures could be a breach of health and safety law, punishable with with serious fines and even imprisonment for up to two years

Face coverings

– Passengers must wear a face covering when on board and you should wear one when social distancing not possible or where you’ll see people you don’t normally meet

Large gatherings

– Limited to interactions with two separate households when indoors and to six people from different households when outdoors (possibly in a balloon for example)

Reopening of aerodromes and training organisations in England

– Reopening is up to the individual organisation and business

– Reopening dependent on the placement of coronavirus guidance at the premises including: encouraging use of hand sanitiser, maximum visitor numbers, use of advanced booking systems and adjusting how people move through the premises

– Toilets should be kept open but set up to minimise risk of transmission

– Reopening of businesses or organisations based at airfields should be clearly communicated to the public in the area so they are aware of the increased activity

Test and trace

– Premises should assist this service by keeping a temporary record of customers and visitors for 21 days

Training and flying instructors

– Should understand all required protocols, be aware of specific risks and also be well enough to return to training

– Surfaces, areas or equipment used by the instructor should be regularly cleaned (such as headsets)

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