ABOVE: Rosetta FX is described as a ‘complete overhaul’ of existing product lines

Market leaders in electronic conspicuity and situational awareness devices FLARM and PilotAware are to collaborate on joint products for the European light aircraft market.

‘The first product in this collaboration to provide full plug-and-play interoperability with existing legacy FLARM products is the all-new PilotAware Rosetta FX,’ explains PilotAware. The Rosetta FX (FLARM Extender) enhances an existing FLAM installation with full PiotAware detect and avoid capability, ADSB-in, and access to all of the PilotAware infrastructure including virtual weather RADAR.

Although not necessarily a replacement for the existing PilotAware Rosetta (which will continue to be developed and supported), the RX ‘not only retains most of the functionality of its predecessors but elevates every aspect of its hardware and software to new heights,’ explains PilotAware. As well as being smaller and lighter, it also uses ‘considerably less’ power than its predecessors.

It’s worth noting that the FX device does not currently support direct voice alerts or the ability to blot bearing-less targets. However, with voice alerts ‘very well provided by electronic flight bags such as Sky Demon when connected to FX,’ and mode-S targets now given a GPS position using PilotAware Mode-S/3D, PilotAware estimates that ‘these original functions are in less demand’.