Heli Air, the UK’s largest light helicopter company, has seen the first set of students graduate from its ATPL (H)/IR ground school training at Wycombe Air Park.

The successful students now qualify for their Air Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter). During the six-month training, course delegates had full access to engineers, purpose-built classrooms and maintenance facilities, helicopters and a full Air Traffic Control tower. One popular course highlight was visiting the radar control facility at Oxford, along with another helicopter maintenance facility.

The students will now continue their training, with some building up their hours and flight training at the Wycombe base, and others returning to their original Heli Air bases or other flight schools.

Sean Brown, CEO of Heli Air, comments: “I would like to congratulate each and every one of these first students to undertake and pass the Heli Air ATPL (H)/IR ground school training course. It was a challenging course that required a great deal of concentration and technical prowess. We will watch their ongoing progress with great interest and are already looking forward to welcoming the next set of students to benefit from the outstanding instruction of our skilled pilots.”

Heli Air is well established in many areas of the helicopter industry, and has grown over the last six years, increasing the number of operational bases, helicopter sales, high quality maintenance, with flying including charter, pleasure flying, aerial filming/photography and pipeline inspection contracts.

In October a second group of students will embark upon Heli Air’s training course. Amongst the new delegates is a student who will undertake the ATPL (A) to (H) bridging course, as well as participants from Buckinghamshire New University, who are on the BSc Air Transport Management degree with helicopter flight training to CPL (H).

Course spaces are still available, either by direct entry or via a candidate’s current university. Heli Air offers a range of qualifications, including PPL (H), CPL (H), various helicopter type ratings, Instructor Rating and Multi Engine Rating. Further details can be obtained from Heli Air’s Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Ewen Goldsobel on 01494 769976 or email ewen@heliair.com.

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