The Release of Controlled and Segregated Airspace Change Proposal ‘Solent CTA-6: Reclassify to Class G below 3000ft’ was formally submitted to the CAA on 21 September.

In its most recent newsletter, the Future Airspace Strategy VFR Industry Group (FASVIG) notes that all of the responses to the Solent CTA-6 ACP Consultation, launched at Duxford in March have now been analysed and addressed. “We are confident that the proposal will be approved as it simplifies the Solent airspace and supports the current CAA work to reduce airspace infringements,” says FASVIG Programme Coordinator Steve Hutt.

The Solent ACP was submitted through the good offices of the General Aviation Alliance. Since then FASVIG has been incorporated as a non-profit limited company so future ACPs can be submitted under the FASVIG name. “To our knowledge this is the first ever UK Airspace Change Proposal sponsored by General Aviation,” Steve Hutt tells Pilot. “Up until now ACPs have typically been sponsored by airports or ANSPs. Challenging the status quo is required, as without FASVIG and GA getting directly involved in the ACP process, we cannot rely on the traditional ACP sponsors going through the process to free up restricted or controlled airspace that they no longer require.

“This Solent CTA-6 ACP may seem relatively minor in scope but FASVIG has used it to gain a better understanding and experience of the process so we are better placed for the other ACPs we expect to raise in the future.” Readers can support the cause by subscribing to the FASVIG newsletters at

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