ABOVE: President Biden signed off on the bill, passed by the US Senate in an 88-4 vote on May 9 2024.

President Biden has officially signed into law the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Reauthorisation Act of 2024 – a comprehensive, bipartisan bill to support aviation infrastructure and safety programmes for the next five years – following its earlier approval in the US House of Representatives. Crucially, for the first time ever, the new legislation includes provision for general aviation.

“The FAA Reauthorisation Act of 2024 is one of the farthest reaching, most consequential pieces of legislation this House will consider in the 118th Congress,” explained Transport and Infrastructure Committee chairman Sam Graves. “This comprehensive bill improves our aviation system’s safety, infrastructure, and workforce. It will enhance the FAA’s efficiency and the overall passenger experience, while encouraging domestic innovation in aviation”.

However, in 2023, Graves added he was proud to announced that the new Act “includes the first-ever title in an FAA reauthorisation bill dedicated to general aviation, the foundation of our civil aviation system and where many of our pilots, mechanics, and other hard-working aviation professionals begin their careers”. He added: “working closely with AOPA, we secured provisions in this bill to protect and expand pilot privileges, make robust investments in our GA airports, and encourage more young people to pursue careers in aviation”.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) president and CEO Mark Baker previously stated that “AOPA is pleased to support passage of this year’s FAA Reauthorization as it will go a long way in helping our aviation system continue to modernise and remain safe,” praising the legislation’s recognition of “the important role General Aviation contributes to the fabric of this great nation”.