EPS Diesel has received supplemental funding which should allow them to complete FAA Certification and to obtain production certification for the Graflight 8 diesel engine

The company have encountered delays in the past year, primarily due to funding and the lengthy software certification process.

“This is a clean sheet design that incorporates a long list of innovations intended to enhance engine efficiency and reliability,” said Michael Fuchs, CEO of Engineered Power Systems (EPS).

“Synthesizing all of the new technology with established procedures and materials created some significant challenges. Though they had an impact on our timeline and finances, we’re now beyond the obstacles and are comfortably on our way to the finish line.”

EPS, which successfully demonstrated a proof of concept engine mounted on a Cirrus SR22 G2 airframe several years ago, expects soon to launch a new agenda of flight tests using a conforming copy of the engine.

Once certified by the FAA, they will begin by developing a series of STCs for aircraft types that would benefit most from a diesel retrofit. At the same time, they expect to finalize an OEM agreement for installation in new aircraft.

To learn more about the EPS diesel project visit eps.aero.

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