Surack Enterprises, which acquired Enstrom, is the official helicopter provider to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

After an unexpected turn of events, struggling American helicopter manufacturer Enstrom has been purchased by entrepreneur Chuck Surack. Explaining recent developments, Enstrom President & CEO Matt Francour said: “Earlier this year, it looked as if MidTex Aviation would step in and buy Enstrom, but when they had unexpected problems securing the funding, Chuck was able to step in and save the company.”

Surack is the founder of Sweetwater Sound, an online retailer of musical instruments and professional audio equipment. He learned to fly helicopters in 2008 and, before even obtaining his pilot’s licence, he purchased a brand new Enstrom 480B.

The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation joins Surack Enterprises’ portfolio of aviation-related businesses, including Sweet Aviation, which provides charter flights, training, and rental for fixed-wing aircraft; Sweet Helicopters, which does the same for rotorcraft and is the official helicopter services provider of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; and Aviation Specialty Insurance, which specialises in covering risk for the aviation industry. Now that Estrom is trading again, one of its first tasks is to deliver new spare parts to existing operators.

Image: Surack Enterprises