EasyVFR is a navigational app that has been designed by pilots for pilots.

Its database not only covers AIP data, but also includes non-AIP airfields, microlight and glider airfields and other aerial activity areas. EasyVRF also includes weather data such as METARs and TAFs.

Among its features, creator PocketFMS says that the App does not require accurate screen touches, highlights every area of airspace crossed during each leg of the flight plan, and enables users to file flight plans with ATC directly from the app.

Additionally, an ‘Easy Auto Route Finder’ will create a flight routeing between your departure and destination, avoiding airspace types and classes that you do not wish to enter, as well as other parameters such as high terrain and poor weather.

It can be used on a wide range of Apple, Android and Windows devices, all of which can be synched with one another using the PocketFMS cloud. This means that a user wanting to navigate using a tablet, for example, could bring their mobile along as backup.

It can also export data to devices such as Dynon SkyView, MGL, Becker and Advanced Flight Systems.

We hope to include a review in the magazine in the near future, but in the meantime you can find more information on Easy VFR on the PocketFMS website.

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