A slick solution for FTOs

EasyAero online booking system, easyaero.co.uk Booking credits from 5p each, SMS credits from 7p each, 100 free credits upon starting an account

In the current economic climate it well behoves any business that wants to stay in business to be efficient. Unfortunately, (and possibly because some flying schools are also clubs, and are burdened with committees and cliques) many UK FTOs are notoriously inefficient, and end up losing trade because of poor communications and lacklustre booking systems. Some may have experimented with free digital platforms but, due to their shortfalls, have found them to be more hassle than they’re worth. A very slick solution for any scheduler’s problems is EasyAero. To fully describe the system’s capabilities would take up all of ‘Books & Gear’ — and then some. Suffice to say that, in my experience as an airfield and gliding club manager, this real-time multi-media cross-platform system will make running any aircraft or club more efficient. Subscribers automatically receive SMS messages or emails regarding instructor availability and aircraft serviceability, while operators can easily track hours remaining until the next check, and even the consumption of fuel and oil. Furthermore, the status of a club pilot’s currency, licence, ratings and medical can all be monitored. Administrators can also download their full Customer Database at any time, and will receive 100 free credits upon starting an account – making it simpler to get themselves going. For more information go to easyaero.co.uk or call 01773 514747. DU