The European Aviation Safety Agency has responded to our Pilotweb report that the proposed licensing rule might exclude hours flown on vintage and homebuilt aircraft, saying that its proposal was being reviewed in the light of comment from flying associations and national aviation authorities

To read our initial report on the proposed EASA rule regarding Annex II flying time not counting towards the issue, revalidation or renewal of a licence, click here.

EASA’s statement reads as follows:

‘In fact EASA is currently clarifying the issue of crediting of flight time on Annex II aircraft towards the revalidation of Part-FCL aircraft category as well as its class and type ratings,’ says Dominique Fouda, EASA Head of Communication and Quality.

‘The Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2014-29 (B) proposed some provisions in this context, which are currently being reviewed based on the comments received during the consultation. Furthermore, EASA is also working on a proposal to clarify which Annex II aircraft may whichbe used for training, checking and testing.

‘Both proposals will be presented to the European Commission and Member States in Q2/2018, as requested by them.’

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