The prototype e-Go will be shown for the first time at AeroExpo, Sywell on 31 May to 2 June.

Progress on the e-Go was covered in the February edition of Pilot. The prototype will be displayed in the static park, along with displays of the revolutionary ‘Rotron e-Go’ Wankel engine and the tailored MGL iEFIS display.

According to the team behind it, the e-Go is a single seat aircraft that’s stylish and exciting to fly – with a 100 knot cruise and handling like a fighter.

The pilot has a spacious cockpit, with a panoramic view and a simple, ergonomic layout. The display provides flight data, engine monitoring, navigation and check lists.

It can fly from the UK’s many grass farm strips and can be dismantled quickly into its custom trailer – no hangar required.

In the UK, the e-Go is de-regulated, so it costs little to run, as there are no certification or permit fees. It can be maintained by the owner, third party insurance is cheap and it requires only a microlight pilot’s licence.

The e-Go uses the unusual ‘canard’ configuration, which reduces drag and weight and prevents a full stall. It’s made from a state-of-the-art carbon fibre and foam structure that keeps the weight to just 115Kg ready to fly.

The project grew from winning an LAA design competition in 2007. The demand for it became self-evident, and so the e-Go project was born.

The prototype is due to fly later this year.

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