e-Go aeroplanes has announced that its production aircraft will be fitted with some of the latest British communications equipment from Trig Avionics.

Production aircraft manufacturede by e-Go will be supplied with both a Trig TY91 VHF (8.33kHz capable) radio and a TT21 Mode S transponder as standard equipment. All production aircraft will also have ADS-B Out enabled, ensuring that NATS and other flight-following systems can see e-Go aircraft with added information and accuracy.

“We have been using Trig equipment very successfully in our prototype fun flying machine,” says e-Go Aeroplanes’ CEO, Adrian Hillcoat. “With size, weight, ease of use, advanced technology and reliability our goals, Trig was the obvious contender for our production aircraft, and it is great to be able to partner with another successful British company.”

Trig’s CEO Andy Davis says: “The e-Go aircraft is a highly original approach to low weight and high performance design. We are pleased that our avionics have saved space and weight – critical considerations for the design team. We wish the e-Go every success.”

Both Trig and e-Go Aeroplanes are participating in the NATS trial of ADS-B for General Aviation, a collaboration of UK industry, AOPA, CAA and NATS, to simplify the requirements (and costs) of installing ADS-B capability in light aircraft.

In another development, e-Go is also fitting production aircraft with Kanardia NESIS III EFIS units from the scond half of 2015.

This state-of-the-art EFIS unit has been selected for many reasons, including the bright, high-resolution display, the ability to give the pilot the choice of familiar analogue dials or a modern EFIS display, the use of CAN communications that integrate well with the wider use of this technology through all aircraft systems, and the willingness of Kanardia to work with e-Go on tailoring the solution for this specific application.

“The Kanardias NESIS III is a perfect fit for the e-Go Single Seat Deregulated (SSDR) aircraft,” says Hillcoat. “The result is a pilot-orientated cockpit presenting information in a bright, clear and concise manner, making the aircraft easy to operate and fly. Working closely with Kanardia, we have been able to add functionality specifically for the e-Go and we look forward to a strong commercial and technical relationship moving forward.”

Aleš Krajnc, the CEO of Kanardia, says: “Our NESIS III equipment, optimised for ultralight aircraft is ideal for this fun flying machine. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use interface supported by light, reliable and fast hardware which has been fine tuned to perfectly meet e-Go’s needs.”

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