The Durham Aerosports team have announced that they have been officially endorsed by the CAA to offer their PROUD award through the new Durham Aerosports’ Pilot Progression Scheme. They are the first microlight school and only the sixth general aviation school in the country to achieve this.

The PROUD award (Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development) is designed to improve the skills levels of private pilots. It aims to encourage GA associations and organisations to provide ‘life-long’ learning programmes for their members and other pilots that will improve safety and elevate pilot skills to a higher level.

In order to receive approval, Durham Aerosports team spent a lot of time putting together a syllabus of tasks, challenges and milestones that pilots will have to complete. Together, these challenges form the Durham Aerosport’s Pilot Progression Scheme. The program was considered by the Civil Aviation authority who deemed it appropriate and officially endorsed it under the PROUD award.

Pilots completing the program will receive official recognition from the CAA at each stage.

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