Launched along with the CAA’s national drone registration scheme, ‘Drones Reunited’ is a platform to ‘help recover the thousands of drones lost in the UK each year’

Research shows that over a quarter of drone owners have lost a drone, half of these going missing due to battery loss, poor signal, or a technology failure.

In a quarter of cases it’s down to pilot error, says the CAA.

Free access to the Drones Reunited platform is some recompense for the cost of mandatory registration, which applies to all ‘owners and operators’ of drones and?note?models (even unguided freeflight ones, the CAA has confirmed) over 250g.

Registration costs £9 and was required to have been to be completed by 30 November 2019. Anyone flying a drone/model of mass exceeding 250g must also receive online education and take an online test.

Under the registration scheme, each registered operator is given a unique code to apply to their drone/model.

Anyone losing a drone may post their details on the Drones Reunited site, and anyone finding one will be encouraged to check the device for a registration number and report it to the platform.

The CAA wil thus help ensure drones are returned to their rightful owners.

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