ABOVE: Demolition of structures “within the operational area” must now follow the full planning process 

A protection order has come into place at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, further safeguarding key buildings and the runway from the threat of redevelopment.

In April 2023, Doncaster Council sought views from landowners and the general public on a proposal to make an Article 4 Direction in relation to the airport, which closed in November 2022. Amid concerns that owners The Peel Group might demolish some structures (citing concerns for their structural condition), this legal protection sought to remove Permitted Development Rights for the “demolition of buildings within a defined area”.

The Article 4 Direction has now been granted, meaning that specific planning permission will now be required to demolish structures “within the operational area of Doncaster Sheffield Airport” such as the terminal, control tower and runway; increasing the chances of safeguarding the airport’s infrastructure.

The directive was made on 1 June and came into effect on 5 June 2023. It will run for six months unless the Council confirms otherwise, and interested parties are invited to make representations to the Council.

Doncaster Council remains in negotiations with the Peel Group regarding acquiring a lease and making a compulsory purchase order for the site, believing the airport has a “viable future”. A Joint Statement from Mayors of Doncaster, South Yorkshire and Doncaster MPs welcomed the Article 4 Direction, noting: “We are pleased that this step has been taken and we will collectively continue to fight for the airport”.