The three-year development programme of what the Austrian company characterises as ‘more of the best’ – the new DA62 – hit its target completion date at Aero Friedrichshafen when Diamond Aircraft Industries CEO Christian Dries was presented with the type certificate by EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky.

Developed from the DA42, itself a development of the four-seat, single-engined DA40 and that aeroplane’s progenitor, the two-seat DA20, the DA62 offers an enlarged and roomy cabin capable of seating up to seven people. Extensive use of carbon fibre composite material helps keep the weight of the aircraft down while giving good performance on the relatively modest power of two 2.0 litre turbocharged Austro AE330 diesel engines, each producing 180hp.

Based on a 1,800kg takeoff mass (the maximum permitted is 1,999kg), Diamond quotes a maximum speed at 14,000ft of 201kt TAS, initial rate of climb of 1,650fpm; range (with auxiliary tank) of 1,314nm; and a remarkably modest fuel consumption of 45 litres per hour at 60% power/12,000ft.

Seen in the flesh at Friedrichshafen – finished in the kind of dark, two-tone metallic paint job its high-temperature composite structure now allows – the DA62 is a striking and sleek looking machine. Pilot’s flight test team will be travelling to Diamond’s home at Weiner Neustadt to sample the aircraft very soon: look out for our report in Pilot magazine!

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