Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH (Austria) and Wanfeng Aviation Industry Co., Ltd., are delighted to jointly announce the completion of the acquisition of Diamond Aircraft Group by Wanfeng Aviation Industry Co., Ltd

This acquisition intends to assure the continued long term future of the Diamond brand, with plans to increase global sales volume, expansion of the distribution and support networks, and continued designed and development of piston aircraft.

Mr Christian Dries, former CEO of Diamond Aircraft said: “Diamond is my life’s work. In the interest of a successful long term future, we needed to find the right partner to continue our good work.

“Wanfeng and specifically Mr. Bin Chen share my vision of the future of general aviation and are investing for the right reasons, with a long term strategy and the resources to see their vision through.”

This purchase is the latest move for Mr. Bin Chen and Wanfeng Aviation Industry. As one of the new visionaries of Chinese Aviation, Chen is attempting to build a whole-industry chain in aviation covering five business segments (Aircraft Manufacturing, Airport Management, Flight School Training, General Aviation Operations, and Flight Service Centers).

Within only the last five years, Wanfeng has invested in numerous aviation projects throughout the world including the Czech Republic, Canada, United Kingdom, and China.

Wanfeng Auto Holdings Group is a global company with more than sixty (60) subsidiaries with industrial headquarters throughout the world. They employ over 12,000 employees in six industrial sectors.

Diamond Austria’s Directors – on behalf of all Diamond employees -said: “Dear Mr. Bin Chen, Welcome on board our “DIAMOND” Aircraft. We look forward to you being our captain and guiding our aircraft safely through good economic times as well as in different circumstances.”

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