The Taildragger Scholarship will pay for five hours of training toward a taildragger endorsement

Applications opened on 1 June for the Vintage Aircraft Club’s Liz Inwood ‘Taildragger’ Scholarship, named after the late Tiger Moth flying instructor Liz Inwood. To apply for the award you must be under thirty-five and hold a current PPL, NPPL or LAPL, with one hundred hours total flying time, of which at least fifty must be as a pilot in command.

In a press release, the Vintage Aircraft Club highlighted that ‘The successful recipient is offered five hours flying to assist them in transitioning from flying nosewheel aircraft to tailwheel heritage types’ and that ‘former applicants who were not successful in previous years are invited to re-apply and update their applications’.

The Vintage Aircraft Club (originally known as the Vintage Aircraft Group) was formed in 1964, and has nearly four hundred members across the UK. It serves as a focal organisation for ‘owners, pilots and enthusiasts of vintage aircraft by arranging fly-ins, social and other events for the benefit of its members. Many of the VAC members’ vintage aircraft are taildraggers and the Club encourages young pilots to transition from nose wheel to taildragger aircraft thus providing an opportunity to fly more vintage types’.

The deadline to apply is 30 July. More information is available on the Vintage Aircraft Club’s website

Image: Vintage Aircraft Club