Daher delivered fifty-three Kodiak and TBM single-engine turboprop aircraft in 2020

Daher’s Aircraft Division has announced it delivered fifty-three Kodiak and TBM single-engine turboprop aircraft in 2020, and that it has orders for another fifty of these aircraft to be delivered in 2021.

The pressurized TBM 910 and TBM 940 turboprops led last year’s deliveries for the company, forty-two aircraft being sold (primarily to pilot-owners). Most of the TBMs were destined for North American customers (thirty-four aeroplanes), followed by Europe (two delivered to Germany, two in the UK, and two in France), along with one aircraft sent to Brazil and the first TBM to be based in the United Arab Emirates at Dubai.

The other eleven aircraft sold by the company in 2020 were Kodiak 100 Series II aeroplanes – nine of which were delivered in the Americas. Unlike the TBMs, the Kodiaks were destined primarily to fleet operators. These included: Costa Rican charter carrier Green Airways; Meta Special Aerospace, an ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) mission provider based in Oklahoma; and Bridger Aerospace, which performs firefighting and aerial survey duties from its Montana headquarters.

The Kodiak 100 Series II is an unpressurised ten-seat aircraft that can operate on uneven and ultra-short runways, as well as on water in the amphibious version. Daher acquired Kodiak Aircraft in 2019.

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