ABOVE: The CC19-215 XCub model was first introduced in 2016 

CubCrafters has achieved what the manufacturer describes as a ‘major milestone in its company history’ by delivering its 1,000th new aircraft.

The milestone airframe, a CubCrafters CC19-215 XCub, was delivered to Montana-based Bridger Aerospace on 19 December 2023. As CubCrafter’s flagship aircraft, the XCub model boasts the most useful load, best range and highest speed of the entire CubCrafters fleet. It is sold for personal recreational use, commercial utility purposes, flight training and Government use.

it was apt, therefore, that the milestone aircraft was delivered in Bridger Aerospace firefighting livery; a tribute to Bridger Aerospace’s fleet of Canadair CL-415 ‘Super Scooper’ water-bomber aircraft.

“We frequently base near [CubCrafter’s] factory in Yakima, Washington during fire season, and I have always admired the passion the enture CubCrafters team has for aviation,” highlghted Tim Sheehy, CEO of Bridger Aerospace. “We will definitely put [the new aircraft] to good use in support of our mission of protecting the American West from the threat of wildfires”.

“As an American company, we really appreciate both our customers who are veterans and those who are business leaders. Mr. Sheey is both,” elaborated CubCrafters President and CEO Patrick Horgan. “The fact that he will soon be flying this new XCub… confirms CubCrafters’ positioon as General Aviation’s best-in-class backcountry aircraft manufacturer, meeting the expectations of customers like Tim for both performance and safety”.

CubCrafters was founded in 1980 by Jim Richmond, who passed away in 2021. Brad Damn, Vice President of CubCrafters, added that Jim would have been “extremely proud of this moment”.

IMAGE: CubCrafters