A flying rally across Africa for aircraft built before the 31st December 1949- starting on the 9th January 2016 and arriving in Cape Town five weeks later.

Specialist aviation company, Prepare2go has the pilots, the planes, the knowledge and the experience to undertake the Crete to Cape Vintage Air Rally. Prepare2go specialises in extraordinary logistics (the movement of people and equipment through difficult places). The majority of work is terrestrial for clients such as the BBC and CNN. In the air, Prepare2Go have already flown this route 8 times in the last 7 years with groups of light aircraft (including vintage and helicopter), the last time being at the start of this year (2015).

The Rally relives the pioneering age of African aviation from the 1920s. As well as the ten vintage aircraft (built before the end of 1949), Prepare2Go will have light aeroplanes and helicopters to support this endeavour.

Following in the footsteps of the pioneering flights from the 1920s, the Crete to Cape rally will connect some of the most beautiful and evocative points in Africa- flying low along the Nile from Cairo to Khartoum and past the highlands of Ethiopia, before the plains of Kenya and the home of African aviation in Nairobi. Then it’s off again past Kilimanjaro into the Serengeti and on to the spice island of Zanzibar. After a short pause to enjoy the Indian Ocean, the trip continues, crossing Zambia to Victoria Falls before continuing to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. The rally’s final days are spent flying across stunning South Africa – to the Cape and onto the journey’s end.

For more information please contact:

Phone: +32 2 880 21 54

Fax: +32 2 880 03 50

mail: info@crete2cape.com



Arrival in Sitia – The preparations

9 January

Arrival in Sitia – The preparations

10 January

Sitia to Mersa Matruh – To the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea

11 January

Mersa Matruh to Cairo – Ancient civilisations

12 January

Cairo to Luxor – Up the Nile

13 January

Luxor – Rest day

14 January

Luxor to Aswan

15 January

Aswan to Abu Simbel

16 January

Abu Simbel – Rest day

17 January

Abu Simbel to Merowe

18 January

Merowe – Rest day

19 January

Merowe to Khartoum – Into the “Wild West”

20 January

Khartoum – Rest day

21 January

Khartoum to Gambella

22 January

Gambella to Lokichogio

23 January

Lokichogio to Barclays (via Eldoret) – Into Kenya, real Kenya

24 January

Nakuru – Down time on a real Kenyan farm

25 January

Nakuru to Nairobi – Home of African aviation (tech stop for the aircraft)

26 January

Nairobi – Pause and recharge

27 January

Nairobi to Ndutu (via Kilimanjaro and Arusha) – The fabled Serengeti Reserve

28 January

Serengeti – Game drives and spectacular scenery

29 January

Serengeti to Zanzibar (via Arusha) – The famous spice city in the Indian Ocean

30 January

Zanzibar – Free day

31 January

Zanzibar to Songwe (via Iringa)

1 February

Songwe to Shiwa Ngandu (via Kasama)

2 February

Shiwa ngandu – Free day

3 February

Shiwa Ngandu to Ndola

4 February

Ndola to Livingstone (via Lusaka) – Overflying the Victoria Falls

5 February

Livingstone – Free day

6 February

Livingstone to Bulawayo

7 February

Bulawayo – Free day

8 February

Bulawayo to Polokwane – Entering South Africa

9 February

Polokwane to Bloemfontein (via Klerksdorp)

10 February

Bloemfontein – Free day

11 February

Bloemfontein to Plettenberg Bay (via Gariep Dam)

12 February

Plettenberg Bay to Stellenbosch – South Africa, wine country

13 February

Cape Town – Relaxed morning to reflect on your achievement

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