The pressure group Supporters of Manston Airport has declared itself delighted that Dale Crawford, of DTD Consult, has now made the intentions of a potential, new investor known publicly after the Thanet Extra/Kent Online reported that a US logistics company with roots in Europe had stepped forward with a plan to acquire Manston Airport ‘with a view to reviving aviation on the 750-acre site’.

‘Looking for a base to relocate twelve aircraft [currently based] at a European hub, the company foresees many advantages in acquiring a UK home with close access to London and the cross-channel ferry ports,’ the report continues. ‘The company is currently in discussions with its professional advisors and will be approaching Thanet District Council regarding pursuing a Compulsory Purchase Order. Spokesman for the investment group, Dale Crawford, said: “There is a clear commercial need for additional airport capacity in the South East. Compared to all the difficulties involved in building extra runways at Gatwick or Heathrow, Manston offers some clear advantages to ambitious operators looking for a speedy solution to their logistical needs”.’

‘Links have already been established with potential commercial partners and Crawford will also be entering discussions with Thanet District Council about providing the necessary guarantees to ensure a successful conclusion to negotiations.’

Supporters of Manston Airport says ‘next Monday, 15th May 2017, will be the third anniversary of the closure of Manston Airport and still it remains in the hands of a developer who wants to build houses on this valuable asset as part of a mixed use redevelopment. We now have three potential interests who have gone public, each with their own different plans and each with an opportunity to reinstate the airport’.

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