COPTRZ, the UK’s leading commercial drone solution provider, launched a complete turnkey drone detection solution in April 2018, designed to protect airports from the threat of drones

Thousands of passengers have been stranded at Gatwick Airport and the armed forces have been called in after drones were spotted in the airspace on December 20.

At the time of writing the situation is still ongoing but COPTRZ believe their drone detection system could prevent such situations in the future.

Launched in partnership with DJI and their AeroScope detection systems, the system allows an operator to track telemetry data from drones in surrounding airspace of up to 40km. (25 miles) distance. In effect, it’s a drone license plate detection system that provides airport security teams with the data required to be able to quickly and effectively protect against drone intrusion.

Steve Coulson, Founder and Managing Director at COPTRZ explains: “We at COPTRZ commiserate with all the passengers unable to journey in and out of London Gatwick today.

“The unscrupulous use of drones to disrupt such critical infrastructure is a problem that isn’t going to go away. COPTRZ has a variety of solutions such as the DJI Aeroscope to support the UK’s critical infrastructure against unlawful intrusion by drones.”

By intercepting the current communications link between a DJI drone and its remote controller, AeroScope is able to broadcast real-time identification information including UAV serial code, make and model, UAV position, speed, latitude and ground controller location.

This allows the operator to take mitigation action against the drone threat and at the same time despatch law enforcement/security teams to apprehend the pilot.

This product has been anticipated for some time after increased concerns due to near misses between drones and commercial aircraft. Only last year, it was reported that there had been an 168% increase in drone and commercial aircraft near misses over a two-year period. This drastic trend is expected to increase year-on-year with the influx of commercial and hobbyist drones taking to the skies.

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