The CAA has recently approved Cotswold Airport’s ACP for the design of new Instrument Approach Procedures

Cotswold Airport has reported that its Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) for the design of new Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) was recently approved by the CAA and is now in the Implementation Stage. Christian Ackroyd, Operations Director and Aerodrome Manager, said “I believe the ACP was a great success and model for how CAP1616 community engagement should be followed in an honest and transparent way. All communities, from GA, Gliding, other Airfields and, of course, our local community were actively engaged at all stages, from development of design principles through to the final approved designs”.

Commenting on the technical details of the approaches, Ackroyd said: “The IAPs use what is called Required Navigation Performance (RNP), which is the new term for a GPS based approach. Each runway will be served by an instrument approach. We aim to conduct the flight validation very early this year and publish (through AIRAC) our updated AIP entry in late March, although much of this is intertwined with issues caused with leaving EASA, so I will not state a ‘flyable’ date just yet.”

Cotswold Airport is also making use of the government’s Airfield Development Advisory Fund (ADAF). “We aim to explore both increasing our business jet offer with the introduction of our new IAPs, and to investigate how a GA airfield can strive towards carbon neutrality and harness renewables, as specified in the Government’s 2050 Aviation plan”, said Ackroyd.

The Airport is also planning to have its main runway resurfaced later this year.

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