The lineup of competitors for the top title in international formula one class air racing, Air Race 1 World Cup, has been confirmed.

Representing six nations – England, Scotland, Sweden, France, Canada and the USA – will be nineteen of the world’s best race pilots, all taking part in this very demanding test of skills.

This sport of Formula One-style aeroplane racing, which has its origins in the 1940s, has a format unlike any other forms of air racing, in that the pilots race directly against each other at the same time.

Eight pilots in each race fly at speeds of up to 450kph just ten meters above the ground. In addition to the extensive training involved to fly safely and competitively while other airplanes are trying to pass on the same race course, it takes a deep understanding of the physics of flying and the rules of the sport to qualify.

This year, the series touches down at Monastir in Tunisia, Lleida in Spain, and Reno in the US, and will be televised in many parts of the world.

Jeff Zaltman, CEO of Air Race 1, says: “This group of pilots are not only among the most elite racing pilots in the world, but they are true athletes and sportsmen on one of the most demanding playing fields on Earth.

“The pilots competing in the Air Race 1 World Cup are the paragon of the aviator, devoting themselves to the sport and the fans. Their prowess behind the stick is a thrill to witness and an honor to motorsport in all its forms.

“We hope many new sports fans will join us in following their success in the first-ever international Formula One air racing series.”

Below is the official list of Air Race 1 World Cup race pilots, by race number:

1 Thom Richard from Sweden in Hot Stuff (type 3M1C1R)

2 Trevor Jarvis from England in Silver Bullet (Shoestring)

6 Christian Guilie from France in Arletty II (Arletty II)

11 Des Hart from Scotland in Hart Attack (Cassutt IIIM)

15 Dave Holmgren from USA in Last Lap Player (Cassutt IIIM)

19 Stanislas Damiron from France in Buzz Buzzard (MP207 Busard)

20 Tom Watkins from Canada in Pooder (Cassutt IIIM)

25 Bernard Marichy from France in a MP205 Busard (name not available)

31 Guy Chereau from France in L´Herrengrie (Cassutt IIIM)

33 Mike Mundell from USA in Second Wind (Cassutt IIIM)

40 Stephen Partridge-Hicks from England in Miss USA (Cassutt)

45 Jay Jones from USA in Quadnickel (Cassutt)

46 Vincent Martinez from France in Aquilon (Cassutt IIIM)

53 Terry Gardner from England in Kermit (Cassutt)

54 Jim Jordan from USA in Miss Min (Cassutt IIIM)

55 Patrick Gajan from France in Le Coyote (CP80)

69 Philip Goforth from USA in Knotty Girl (Stratocaster)

87 Steve Temple from USA in Madness (Boyd GR-7 Panther)

99 Kent Cassels from USA in Margaret June (Cassutt IIIM)

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