To coincide with the Silverstone Classic car festival and to mark the arrival of Chiltern Classic Flight, Turweston is holding a fly-in for European Classic aircraft on 28 July.

Landing fees for fly-in aircraft will be reduced to £5 with both Avgas and UL91 available.

A statement from the airfield said: ‘Our normal Sunday hours will be extended and we look forward to seeing a great variety of types. We came up with the following list of types from across Europe, can you think of any other possibilities?

‘From Auster to Zlin via Bolkow, Bucker, Cap, Comper, de Havilland, Druine, Extra, Fokker, Jodel, Klemm, KZ, Miles, Morane-Saulnier, Nord, Pilatus, Percival, Siai-Marchetti, Stampe, Tipsy, Wassmer and Yak.’

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