Cirrus Aircraft has introduced a new era of avionics, the Cirrus Perspective Touch by Garmin which is designed specifically for the new Vision SF50 Personal Jet.

Created in collaboration with Garmin International, the revolutionary touchscreen-based flight deck incorporates the latest turbine-class flight deck technologies into a newly designed, pilot-friendly touchscreen interface that was custom built for the Vision Jet cockpit. The avionics suite includes dual oversized widescreen flight displays with multi-pane capabilities and offers the following standard or optional features: synthetic vision, real-time weather radar, a digital automatic flight control system, electronic stability control while hand-flying, automatic pressurisation scheduling, automated system alerts, graphical depictions of aircraft system status, integrated weight and balance, global datalink weather, satellite phone and text messaging, enhanced runway awareness, integrated backup instrument display and more. The three landscape touchscreen controllers give pilots easy to understand, quick access to flight and systems information.

“Cirrus Perspective Touch is the latest example of our pursuit of transformational innovation, state of the art safety and the unique creativity in functional design that sets Cirrus apart,” says Pat Waddick, President of Innovation and Operations at Cirrus Aircraft. “Every single Cirrus ever delivered has had Garmin avionics on board. Not only does that partnership continue with the Vision Jet, but with Cirrus Perspective Touch we are taking integration and the pilot-airplane interface to a level never before seen in general aviation. Our owners and operators are going to be stunned at the capability and intuitive operation of this flight deck.”

“Simply put this avionics suite is intuitively designed, user-friendly and will provide an exceptional flying experience for any pilot,” says Todd Simmons, President of Customer Experience at Cirrus Aircraft. “The premium turbine capabilities of this flight deck and ease of interfacing between pilot and airplane is remarkable. We are so excited to share Cirrus Perspective Touch with the general aviation community and our Vision SF50 pilots.”

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