ABOVE: The electric prototype of China’s domestically produced light aircraft made its debut flight on 3 January 2024.

An electric light aircraft produced by the a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has made its first flight, the company reports, confirming that the AG60E prototype conducted a short test flight from the Qiandaohu General Aviation Airport in Zhejiang province.

The aircraft was designed and manufactured by Tongfei Tema, a subsidiary of AVIC. National English-language newspaper China Daily reported Tongfei Yema as having commented that “the success of this debut flight laid a solid foundation for aviation power transformation and promoted the development of low-altitude economic industries”.

Although specifications of the electrically-modified AG60 airframe have yet to be released, the conventionally powered variant of the two-seat, piston engine single possesses a maximum crusing speed of around 100 knots. The AG60 is 6.9m long and has a wingspan of 8.6m, adds the China Daily.

IMAGE: SASAC via China Daily