The dizzying clip filmed from the cockpit of Red Arrows pilot Mark Bowden shows him performing the famous Twister manoeuvre over the Greek coastline.

What pilot hasn’t dreamt about what it would be like to be in the cockpit during a Red Arrows display? Well those dreams have been answered – this adrenalin-fuelled (at least to the spectator) clip shows you exactly how it feels to be soaring through the sky as part of the RAF’s world-famous display team.

Posted on Twitter by Red Arrows supervisor Mike Ling, the thirty-second video shows Mark Bowden spinning the jet around in perfect circles as four fellow Arrows tear across the skies in front of him.

The squadron is at a Hellenic Air Force base in Tanagra for Exercise Springhawk – the annual overseas training sessions where the team prepare themselves for the approaching display season.

Squadron Leader David Montenegro aka Red 1 and also the Team Leader of the Red Arrows, said: “The weather in Tanagra is very good in allowing us to complete the amount of practice sorties the team need to carry out before the season gets under way.

“During Exercise Springhawk, the whole team – in the air and on the ground – work hard to perfect our display and operation, constantly striving for excellence.”

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