Bristow Helicopters wants to see the current Temporary Danger Areas (TDAs) in the English Channel made permanent restricted airspace. The TDAs are to allow Bristow to operate drones Beyond Visual Line
of Sight (BVOL) for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and the Home Office to monitor illegal migrant crossings in the Dover Strait. The UK government has indicated the operation should continue until at least 2027.

An Airspace Change Proposal (ACP), ACP-008-2021, which is sponsored by Bristow, is currently going through the ACP process and has reached the Design Options stage. Two options have been put forward. Option 1B is to transfer the current TDA Complex DO98 into a permanent Danger Area, with DAAIS (Danger Area Activity Information Service) and DACS (Danger Area Crossing Service) available. It would have the same dimensions as TDA DO98 and be active 365 days a year.

Option 2 is to have the same Danger Area with Class G airspace corridors, which will allow aircraft to route through the proscribed airspace. However, the ceiling of the Permanent Danger Area would be increased to 2,500ft amsl (from 1,500ft) to allow the corridor to operate from the surface to 1,500ft.