Cessna’s Turbo Skylane 182 JT-A has had its first flight at the company’s facility in Independence, Kansas.

According to the company, the aircraft is the first in the world to have a piston engine specifically designed to run on Jet-A fuel.

“The Turbo Skylane JT-A performed just as expected,” said Cessna senior test pilot Dale Bleakney. “The weather conditions were fantastic, and we took the turbo 182 up for what turned out to be a very normal first flight. We flew for 2.3 hours, achieved a flight level of 8,000 feet, and attained a true air speed of 158 kts. We brought it in and did some takeoffs and landings, and everything went as expected.”

Cessna says that the Safran-manufactured SMA engine in the Turbo Skylane JT-A uses 11 gallons of Jet-A fuel per hour at the estimated cruise speed of 156kts.

The aircraft has a seating capacity of four, an estimated range at max cruise speed of 1,025nm (1,893km) and a certified ceiling of 20,000ft (6,096m).

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