The CAA will soon offer online application and payment for some approvals and renewals.

Initially, the organisation will begin accepting e-payments and applications for Part 145 maintenance organisation approvals, and national Permit to Fly renewals.

The move comes as part of a project to update the CAA’s methods of handling applications.

Organisations applying for Part 145 maintenance approvals will be able to submit online documents, such as company expositions, for initial review. They will then be contacted to arrange an audit visit, and any findings following assessment will be sent to them electronically.

Two options will be offered for national Permit to Fly renewals. Firstly, existing approved organisations will be able to obtain online access and issue Certificates of Validity themselves. There is then no requirement for a CAA surveyor to visit for an annual survey of the aircraft.

Alternately, owners of national Permit to Fly aircraft can apply online, in which case the CAA, rather than an approved organisation, would undertake the issue process. Unfortunately, aircraft with permits granted under the oversight of the Light Aircraft Association or British Microlight Aircraft Association are not yet included.

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