The Civil Aviation Authority’s dedicated web page has been set up to inform pilots of large firework displays that may affect their flights.

First introduced last year, the system aims to provide pilots with all the information they need on firework displays in one place. This will reduce the need for the large number of individual firework display-related NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) issued to pilots in late October/early November.

The dedicated webpage lists all displays taking place outside of controlled airspace that are expected to reach heights of up to 1000ft AMSL (above mean sea level). The website will be updated on a daily basis and will cover the peak display period from 31 October until 9 November 2014. The majority of displays taking place within controlled airspace and those in the vicinity of an aerodrome will still be subject to the normal NOTAM process depending on the height and location.

Pilots operating in Class G airspace over this period are advised to check the fireworks display log as part of their pre flight routine. Displays taking place in the vicinity of an airport may still be the subject of a NOTAM, as will displays reaching heights of 1,000ft AMSL.

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