The CAA is advising GA pilots flying in Yorkshire and the east of England during 5-7 July to study the details of the Tour de France airspace restrictions well in advance of any planned flights.

The world’s most famous bicycle race begins in Leeds on Saturday 5 July 2014, before making its way to London over three stages, ending on Monday 7 July. The race passes in the vicinity of a number of GA aerodromes en route, including Duxford, Andrewsfield and North Weald. The airspace restrictions will roll with the riders as they progress through each stage, with mini RA(T)s being turned on and off throughout the course of each day. It is hoped that this will keep disruption localised for a minimum amount of time. Generally, the restrictions will extend from surface level to between 4,500ft and 6,000ft.

The temporary airspace restrictions, or RA(T)s, are in place to protect official aircraft associated with the event. Pilots flying anywhere in the vicinity of the Tour de France route should expect increased helicopter traffic from the official TV broadcaster and VIP flights.

Pilots are advised to read the full Tour de France AIC, which includes detailed charts and is available on the AIS NOTAM website.

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