Earlier this week the UK Civil Aviation Authority announced plans to introduce a series of exemptions to allow UK GA pilots and training organisations to continue to operate during a delay to the publication of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) amendment to the aircrew regulation

‘The EASA amendment, which was due to be published in March, enabled certain regulated GA activities to continue after 8 April 2018 and introduced new ones,’ says the CAA in a statement to the press.

‘To reduce the impact on the GA community, and bridge the gap until the amended regulation comes into force, the CAA is working with the UK Department for Transport to publish several exemptions before 8 April 2018. These replicate the expected EASA amendment and will:

– enable Registered Training Facilities to continue after 8 April 2018

– permit the continued use of UK national pilot licensing arrangements to operate EASA balloons, sailplanes and powered sailplanes after 8 April 2018

– assist NPPL(A) SLMG pilot licence holders

‘Unfortunately, there is no means for the CAA to implement the new Declared Training Organisations (DTOs) that are also part of the EASA change until the relevant European regulation comes into force. This means DTOs will not be available from 8 April 2018 as expected.

‘The CAA understands that EASA hopes to implement the aircrew regulation later this summer with no further changes to the regulation.

The CAA will publish the UK exemptions on its website as an official record.

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