Are you expecting a drone in your stocking this Christmas? There is a set of rules and guidelines to remember before you get started

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a revised Dronecode in anticipation of the ‘millions getting a drone this year’.

There are five key rules to help people fly unmanned aircraft within UK law, and they are easy to remember as they spell DRONE:

• Don’t fly near airports or airfields

• Remember to stay below 400ft (120m) and at least 150ft (50m) away from buildings and people

• Observe your drone at all times

• Never fly near aircraft

• Enjoy responsibly

A new website – – has been launched in partnership with UK air traffic control body NATS as part of the initiative.

The updates come after research from the CAA claimed only 39% of drone users knew of the Dronecode, which has been around since 2015.

This year has also seen a high number of near misses involving drones.

The report found that 36% of people buying drones received guidance on safe flying. The CAA and NATS are working with retailers to ensure education becomes a standard element of the point of sale.

Andrew Sage of NATS said: ‘Drones are an incredible, inspiring technology but it’s vital that people are using them safely.

‘With the number of reported drone incidents on the rise, it’s important people understand their legal obligations.’

In another move to encourage safe drone use, the CAA has recently launched a photography and videography competition, 400ft Britain.


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