Channel Islands airspace will be reclassified and redesignated from 6 March 2014.

Changes include the reclassification of the CICZ and CTAs 1 & 2 up to FL 80 as Class D airspace, the reconfiguration of the status of CI airspace as a CI CTR up to FL 80(Class D) and the redesignation of the airspace from FL 80 up to FL 195 as a CI TMA(Class A).

Meanwhile Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney airport’s CTRs will be removed.

No changes will be made to the external CICZ or CTA lateral boundaries, although structures will be designated as North and South in order to reflect delegation of ATS from UK to the Channel Islands. Additionally, Class A airspace FL 80up to FL 195 will be retained.

According to the CAA, UK AIP text and aerodrome charts have been amended to reflect the changes.

Reclassification details will be shown on the UK Southern England 1:500,000 chart published on 3 April 2014.

The full Information Notice can be found here.

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