‘The combined RAF Brize Norton/London-Oxford Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) is threatening to balls-up power flying and gliding… across a huge swathe of central England,’ writes Editor Philip Whiteman in a strongly worded editorial appearing in Spring edition of Pilot magazine

The extent to which this proposal would disrupt private flying is revealed in an article written by regular columnist and Light Aircraft Association CEO Steve Slater appearing in the same edition which you can read here.

‘If you read nothing else in this edition of Pilot, read Steve’s article,’ urges Whiteman. ‘It seems that in an effort to grab as much airspace as possible before any bright light of scrutiny is shone upon them, consultants and businesses around the country have gone into overdrive in submitting to the CAA hastily prepared proposals that, if they are accepted, pose the biggest threat to private flying and the freedom to fly private aircraft we have seen in decades.

‘I stress the word freedom, because it is the lack of this that distinguishes totalitarian states. It is also the habit of totalitarian authorities to invent transgressions to justify onerous rules and legislation. In this case it is an unholy alliance of the military and, ironically, big GA business seeking to lay down the law — but the effect is the same.

‘And please: once you’ve read Steve’s exposition, file your objections to this appalling ACP now!’

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