The British team dominated December’s FAI World Air Games Microlight competition in Dubai, with a clean sweep of the medals.

34-year-old David Broom, who has been flying since he was seventeen, was crowned World Champion, speaking after his victory he said: “It all came down to the final race. I had a six-second lead going into it, but if the wind had been stronger it would have made for a faster time and the competition could have been anyone’s”.

Paul Dewhurst and Rees Keene took Silver and Bronze medals while Mark Fowler, Rob Keene (who also happens to be Rees’s father) and Chris Saysell took the fourth, sixth and eighth places respectively.

They all flew P&M Aviation QuikR flexwings. “QuikR aircraft designed and built in Britain took the first nine places,” P&M designer Bill Brooks told Pilot, “they even proved faster than the autogyros and had better takeoff performance!”

For the final race the course had been tightened and it forced the pilots to fly their aircraft right to the edge of their capabilities. This alone makes the victory a he achievement for the British team and P&M Aviation.

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