Brighton City Airport Ltd will continue to manage operations at Shoreham Airport, while Albemarle Shoreham Airport Limited has promised to complete the work of refurbishing the airport’s listed terminal building.

Albemarle Shoreham Airport Limited (ASAL) has appointed BCAL to manage operations at the airport for a thirty year period. ASAL has, in turn, stated its intention to finance the costs. Meanwhile the company now has scaffolding in place on the terminal building, ready to start the refurbishment process, and work is due to commence shortly.

Tony Realff, joint owner of Brighton City Airport Ltd said, “We are delighted that negotiations with ASAL have concluded in a positive way and we can get on with the important business of running the airport.”

Brighton City Airport Ltd, founded in July 2013, has managed airside operations since August 2013. With revenue and aircraft movements up, the management team is very positive about the future for Shoreham airport. In August 2013 Shoreham airport was the 10th busiest in the UK in terms of movements, with Heathrow in first position.

With infrastructure investments already made in systems, software and hardware at the airport, Brighton City Airport Ltd has other plans for improvements at the airport, designed to protect, preserve and enhance the airport as an asset for the local, business and aviation community. The airport has a diverse client base including the military, law enforcement, air ambulance, corporate jets, helicopters, flight training schools (attracting students from all over the world) and private charter companies as well as the coastguard. The airport is easily accessible by road or train and is in close proximity to Brighton, Gatwick and just over an hour from London

“Since we gained operational control of the aerodrome in 2013, we have been proactive in identifying various infrastructure projects and operational improvements that will provide a sustainable base for aviation on the south coast. We recognise and are proud that we are the oldest licensed aerodrome in the country. We are now busy planning to secure the immediate and long term future for all aviation enthusiasts, be they business or pleasure. It’s exciting stuff!” said Paul Smith, Ground Operation Manager & SAFO at Brighton City Airport Ltd.

For more information, visit the airport’s website.

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