The Breezer M400 microlight has now been giving full CAA type approval as a factory-built microlight

“The Breezer is the first low wing metal microlight to pass through the rigors of Section S for over a decade,” says Roger Cornwall of UK agent EuroFOX Aviation. Approval has been pending since Dave Unwin’s flight test twelve months ago (Pilot, April 2017).

EuroFOX has also won approval, this time from the Light Aircraft Association, for the uprated 120hp Rotax 912 engine it has fitted to the company’s latest demonstrator tug.

An aftermarket kit upgrade increases cylinder capacity and converts the standard, naturally-aspirated Rotax 912ULS to fuel injection. The uprated engine offers a continuous 120hp, in contrast to the turbocharged Rotax 914 which is rated at 115hp for a limited period of operation.

“Initial tows have the tuggies involved saying the performance is similar to a 260 Pawnee and the aircraft will be demonstrated at a large number of clubs over the coming months,” Roger tells Pilot.

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