All flying schools based at Biggin Hill airport have been given six months’ notice to cease flight training at the site

Sad news from Anoop Singh Bamrah of Biggin Hill-based EFG Flying School, who writes: ‘It has come as a shock to us, and all other flying schools at Biggin Hill, that we have all been given six months’ notice to cease flight training at this airport’

‘We are already in discussions with various airport operators in relation to relocating and continuing all business activities with the least disruption to all courses,’ says Anoop. ‘Rest assured you will still be able to continue to fly at Biggin Hill over the coming months during the transition period.

‘To our students who have purchased packages, they will be honoured and simply be transferred over to our new home – the terms and continuity will not be affected. Since 1947 EFG has been part of the fabric of South East England & London flying, leading the way in Private Pilot Licences and – over the last decade- Commercial ratings.

‘Our Head of Training, Wing Commander Ray Watson, has kept the props turning and students learning at Biggin for nearly six decades. On 3 January 1959 Rex Nicholls flew the first EFG aircraft into Biggin Hill. Since then we have trained thousands of pilots and witnessed careers blossom for our students, pilots and our own instructors. Our pilots have gone on to fly for legacy airlines, short- and long-haul airlines, corporate jets, purchase their own aeroplanes, and of course many still fly with us.

‘We take great pride in each and every one of our students and members and will continue to do so.

‘If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us, but we can assure you that your interests are at our hearts and protected. In the meantime, thank you for your loyal support. Watch out for better things to come!’

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