There’s a ‘Baby Boom’ on the way, but it’s nothing to do with a rising birth rate

Colorado-based Boom Technology has unveiled its XB-1 ‘Baby Boom’ supersonic demonstrator and proof-of-concept prototype.

It is a one-third-scale prototype of the Boom supersonic passenger airliner.

Boom hopes the XB-1 will lead to development of a 45-passenger airliner that could fly from London to New York just over three hours.

The first flight is planned for late this year, with subsonic testing to be conducted near Denver.

Supersonic flights up to Mach 2.2 will be flown from Southern California in partnership with Virgin Galactic’s The Spaceship Company, which will provide engineering and manufacturing services, along with flight test support and operations for the XB-1, and has an option on the first ten Boom airliners.

‘Sixty years after the dawn of the jet age, we’re still flying at 1960s speeds,’ said Boom Founder and Chief Executive Officer Blake Scholl during the rollout ceremony at Denver’s Centennial Airport.

‘Concorde’s designers didn’t have the technology for affordable supersonic travel, but now we do.’


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