Boeing revealed its 2022 ecoDemonstrator last month, with a special livery to celebrate one decade of testing to reduce fuel use, emissions and noise. The latest ecoDemonstrator is a Boeing-owned 777-200ER, which will test about thirty different technologies aimed at improving sustainability, safety and efficiency.

During six months of flight and ground tests, the 2022 ecoDemonstrator will evaluate, among others, a system to conserve onboard water in order to reduce and fuel use, an environmentally-friendly refrigerant and a new fire suppression agent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The aircraft has also been fitted with a new ‘heads-up’ enhanced vision system for pilots, which is expected to improve operational efficiency. In addition, SMART vortex generators – small vertical vanes on the wing
– that improve aerodynamic efficiency during takeoff and landing – will also be tested in collaboration with NASA, and Boeing will continue its comprehensive study of the impact of sustainable aviation fuel toward the reduction of emissions. For all flight tests, the 777-200ER will fly on the highest approved blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) available.

Highlighting the importance of sharing knowledge with partner institutions, Boeing’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Chris Raymond, explained: “The Boeing ecoDemonstrator programme brings together the two most important ingredients to a more sustainable future – innovative technologies and partnerships with customers, suppliers, government agencies and academia.”

Since its initial flights in 2012, Boeing’s sustainability programme has tested about 230 technologies. Approximately a third of those have progressed onto Boeing’s products and services.

Image: Boeing