Italian manufacturer AvMap’s Ultra EFIS has been approved as electronic backup instrument for LAA aircraft (homebuilts and aircraft operating on permits to fly) in UK by the Light Aircraft Association

The decision means that where a backup ASI, altimeter and compass are required in an LAA aircraft, AvMap Ultra EFIS may be used without further reference to LAA engineering, although an LAA inspector will need to make a Permit Maintenance Release (PMR) entry in the airframe logbook quoting the Technical Leaflet reference TL 3.20.

To comply with the approval, AvMap Ultra EFIS requires a separate backup battery and software version 5.21.6R. Software version 5.21.6R was introduced by AvMap in April 2019 in order to improve the situational awareness during flight by restyling the HSI page and giving better readability of ASI and altimeter information.

Software version 5.21.6R is available for free at and can be installed on existing AvMap Ultra EFIS units.

“The LAA approval of the AvMap Ultra EFIS confirms our quality standards,” says AvMap director Simone Lazzarini.

“Our goal is to offer outstanding service to the ultralight and light sport aircraft market by designing innovative avionics instruments that are exceptionally light, reliable and inexpensive.”

AvMap Ultra EFIS features a 3.5 inch ultra bright, sunlight readable LCD display, is compact (95 x 95 x 78mm) and very light (230 g). Its nominal power consumption at 12V DC is 100 mA.

Fitting in a standard panel instrument hole, the AvMap Ultra EFIS can be installed and easily and connected to its GPS receiver and the aircraft Pitot-static system to provide reliable and advanced ADAHRS.

Two RS232 serial connections are available for sending out GPS data (NMEA messages) to external devices (autopilot, transponder, navigation or EFIS system).

Designed for light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft, the AvMap Ultra contains three-axis solid-state gyros, three-axis accelerometers, three-axis magnetic field sensors, air data sensors and a motion processor that the company claims make it the most compact, reliable and complete EFIS of its type.

AvMap Ultra EFIS is available for purchase at authorized AvMap Dealers in UK, RRP £ 880. For more product information:

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