A recent addition at Gloucester Airport is Aeros & Cat3C’s new Boeing 737 Avionics Trainer. This is a partial representation of a Boeing 737 flight deck and enables familiarisation with the key elements of the aircraft’s avionics (Instruments, Flight Management System and Automation).  

In the absence of an avionics trainer, students typically practice cockpit familiarisation on a cardboard print of the cockpit. Explaining the reasons behind the purchase of the new device Nigel Orme, Managing Director for Cat3C, said: “As part of the UK CAA and EASA training requirements all ATPL students receive instrument training, however not many ATO’s (approved training organisations) have an actual 737 avionics trainer in which to do this type of training. This will give our students a distinct advantage by putting them into a commercial pilot environment while still completing some of their initial light aircraft training.’  

Captain Bill Chivers, Head of Training said: “This avionics device gives our students the chance to get some ‘hands on’ experience to consolidate their theory training. This will greatly optimise their exam preparation and performance. Our students will be able to hit the ground running on their future training such as APS MCC (Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation) as with the avionics already understood they will be able to focus on the multi-crew interactions and advanced swept wing jet handling that are the objectives of that course”.

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Aeros & Cat3C