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SIA Group Aviation have been researching and planning The Aviation Auction concept for a few years, SIA Group are experienced, licensed Auctioneers with over 20 years history, we have sold a variety of high profile assets from the Lotus Formula One team to holding world record Art sales. Group Chairman, Simon Morgan sits on the board of NAVA (National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers). SIA Group have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that The Aviation Auction will not just be a one off event, but a regular fixture in the aviation industry calendar.

The purpose of The Aviation Auction is to simplify the way upon which Aircraft, Parts and Equipment are bought and sold. The Aviation Auction will allow buyer and seller a transparent and seamless way to make a purchase or sale. Through the auction process, long winded negotiations over price and contracts are eliminated. The often tested and fraught relationship between buyer and seller is removed. Most importantly there are no hidden commissions and sales prices are transparent to all parties involved allowing aircraft and parts to be sold for their true value.

The 2nd Aviation Auction will open on 5th November 2014, bidding will close on 28th November. This extended viewing period gives buyers the required time to complete their due diligence on the asset they would like to purchase. The Aviation Auction is aimed at the General Aviation and Business Aviation markets, the Auction will host a number of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft along with parts, ground handling equipment and avionics. The aim of the auction is to allow a global market access to aviation assets that are truly for sale, with a specified closing date.

View the Lots

The Aviation Auction online catalogue will be published shortly. For a physical viewing of a specific asset please contact SIA Group Aviation – Viewings are by appointment only.

Visit to view the auction website.

How It Works

Buyer is able to pre purchase inspect and test fly an Auction Lot from the 5th of November up until bidding closing on the 28th November.

The Auction is held online in conjunction with Bidspotter, this allows for a fully automated and proven service, providing ease of use for the bidder.

To be able to bid, the Bidder will need to register with the Auction website. They will then be sent the Buyers terms and conditions for the item they are interested in bidding on to be signed. Buyer will also have to place a deposit of 10% of the estimated value of the Lot within the SIA Group Aviation – Nat West bank client account. When this information and deposit are received from the Buyer, they will be given access to bid on the Auction Website.

If Buyer is not successful in his bid, the deposit will be returned to the Buyer.

If successful with their bid the Buyer has 28 days from the time of the winning bid to complete the transaction and remove the lot from its location.

Contact Us!

If you would like to speak to someone from SIA Group Aviation about The Aviation Auction, or if you are interested in selling your aircraft or aircraft parts, there is still time!

Please feel free to contact us, so we can discuss the process of entering your asset into The Aviation Auction.

Our contact details are as follows:

+44 (0) 1273 621 317

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