Image � James Maclaren 2012

Norman Surplus – who has flown through 17 countries so far – is currently being refused permission to fly into Russian airspace.

The pilot, who is using the historic flight to raise awareness of bowel cancer, said: “As we come to the end of a very frustrating summer of non-flying during my temporarily stalled circumnavigation world record attempt, I have travelled to Vladivostok in the Russian Far East to make direct contact and meet with local officials, navigators and flying club members in this region. Here, I have given various presentations of the journey so far and answered many questions on my experiences en route.”

He added: “I remain hopeful that a suitable solution can be worked out for us during the coming winter months so that by the spring of next year, 2013 (which marks a full 90 years since the first autogyro flew in 1923) this almost forgotten aircraft type can finally be allowed to complete its first circumnavigation of the world.”

While in Vladivostok, Norman visited Primorsky Aeroclub, Novonezhino Airfield, where he was invited to fly some aerobatics in a Russian-built Yak 52. He also visited and spoke at a local English language school, which was surprised and very happy to have a visit from a native English speaker – a rare event in the area.

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