Promotional feature. The acquisition of Atlantic Flight training (AFT) by Airways Aviation signals the expansion of world-class aeroplane and helicopter flight training courses in the UK.

Our modern Pilot Training Academy at Coventry offers European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved pilot training courses to meet the demands of the international aviation industry and the needs of individual students.

Operating in Australia for more than 30 years, Airways Aviation is recognised as a global leader in flight training. The company has enjoyed recent exponential growth, opening Aviation Theory Schools and Pilot Training Academies in Montenegro, UAE, Malaysia, Lebanon and Jordan.

We offer world-class education and training and provide the best possible support to our students throughout their journey with us.

Our Integrated Cadet Course is the perfect course for students with little or no flying experience who want to obtain an international commercial airline pilot licence in the shortest time possible, learning from world-class instructors. Ground School and IFR training is completed at our UK based Academy, located at Coventry Airport. VFR training is carried out at one of our fair weather training bases in Montenegro and Australia.

Our high instructor-student ratio ensures students enjoy one-on-one time to develop their skills and identify any extra support needed to successfully complete the course. Upon completion, Graduates are issued with a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).

Atlantic Flight Training also offer a range of modular courses including renewals/revalidations, licence conversions, private pilot licence, full time ATPL ground school, multi crew cooperation and jet orientation courses.

AFT were recently audited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and awarded the highest possible grading. Across the board AFT was deemed to be exceeding expectations. The ISI is a Government organisation responsible for inspecting Private Further Education Colleges and English Language schools on behalf of the Home Office.


OUR AIRCRAFT: At Airways Aviation/AFT, we are justifiably proud of our fleet of aircraft, allowing our students to benefit from the industry’s best flight training opportunities. Our Single Engine Diamond DA-40 has a glass cockpit with a FADEC equipped engine/ propeller control system operated by a single lever which helps greatly in reducing pilot workload. Our Twin Engine is the Diamond DA-42 Twin Star, providing the Cadet with the ideal Instrument Rating training platform. Our entire fleet is fitted with the Garmin 1000 Twin Screen Navigation/Avionics System, making it the most advanced fleet available for flight training. All of our aircraft are maintained in accordance to the strict European regulations.

OUR FLIGHT SIMULATORS: Simulators are used as part of the training syllabus and are very useful for Multi-Crew training exercises, Jet Orientation and Instrument Flying. They can also simulate adverse conditions such as emergencies and bad weather/visibility. We currently have two types of simulators:

Frasca DA42 Multi Engine Piston FNPT II – This state-of-the-art simulator is an exact copy of the Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft and allows students to become familiar with the aircraft’s systems and dynamics. The device is equipped with 2 Garmin 1000 units. All systems specific to the DA42 are included in this DA42 FSTD and instructors can input additional, explicitly designed failures of their own.

Frasca CRJ200 Multi Engine Turbine FNPT II – This 208° panoramic, “high degree of realism” simulator is a brilliant training environment for MCC and Jet Orientation Training.

Offers of Entry to the Airways Aviation/AFT Pilot Training Academy are strictly limited to those candidates who have successfully completed a Flight Crew Selection Assessment Day. Full details of upcoming Assessment Dates can be found by visiting

All Cadets wishing to training at the Academy should be at least 17 years of age (an assessment can be completed at 16 ½ years of age) and should have the following:

• Hold a certificate confirming they have passed Airways Aviation/AFT Flight Crew Selection Aptitude Assessment

• All Non EAA Cadets must hold an IELTS English Language Proficiency certificate to a minimum of Level 4.0

• Hold a UK issued Class 1 Medical

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