The All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation (APPG-GA), welcomes the release of the General Aviation’s strategy, but calls on the CAA to be more ambitious

The progress made by Ministers and the General Aviation Unit is recognised and welcomed by the cross-party group of 189 parliamentarians.

Especially welcomed is the clarity around how the future mandatory installation of Electronic Conspicuity devices will work, and the CAA’s renewed commitment to see the reduction in red-tape burdening General Aviation.

Chair of the All-Party Group, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, said: “All members of the APPG welcome the release of this important document. I especially welcome the renewed commitment by the CAA to ensure that the UK remains the best place in the world for General Aviation.”

However, the report fails to tackle some of the major issues facing General Aviation Pilots. Especially; the unnecessary regulation that has stalled the implementation of GNSS approaches at aerodromes across the country, and the slow turnaround time in issuing new licenses.

Mr Shapps said: “The CAA need to be far more ambitious if they want to make the aims set out in this paper a reality. The unnecessary regulatory burden on GNSS approaches, for example, has not been rectified by the publication of this paper.”

The strategy paper has fed into the recently published Department for Transport Green Paper Aviation 2050.

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